Five Useful Social Media Marketing Advanced Tactics That Can Make Your Business Flourish

As the use of social media marketing spreads out, more companies are starting to exploit it. A number of businesses are currently starting to recognize the leverage of online tools in setting up a community wherein their potential clients can mingle – the crucial groundwork of social media marketing. On the other hand, the current query amongst these businesses is “what must we do now?”For companies that may have already created online communities and possess a certain familiarity on how to make an online presence, the next step to be done would be to use social media marketing advanced tactics.These social media marketing advanced tactics are strategies that go beyond the standard social media presence. Prior to carrying on with the utilization of advanced tactics, you have to make sure that your business has already understood the basic ideas about social marketing, has crucial comprehension on online marketing, and has a familiarity with drawing the attention of prospects. Once you have fulfilled all of these conditions, you may now use all or any of the following social media marketing advanced tactics:1. Take Advantage of MultimediaMultimedia is an efficient strategy to capture the attention of prospects because of the fact that the web is broadly utilized by people nowadays in looking for photos or videos of products that they would like to purchase. What’s good about this strategy is that it is not difficult to carry out, and has been proven to be competent, among other social media marketing advanced tactics.Show images of your goods, as well as your workers. By doing so, you may gain your customers’ trust and provide them the assurance that they can avail of your products safely. Video clips are very much effective as well, seeing that they could make your prospective customers feel important, and you can even make use of videos to construct powerful online communities in social networking sites. Furthermore, videos also let consumers have a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts in relation to your products – superior to any well-written piece of writing.2. Mix Online and Offline MarketingWhile many users utilize the web, there are still a few who depend on offline advertisements to learn more about products. By merging online and offline advertising, you could reach more prospective customers.You may do this by putting your site or online community’s URL on your flyers, posters, and other offline advertising means. With this tactic, you can cause your community to grow, and even earn the trust of more prospective customers.3. Personalization of Messages on Social Networking WebsitesSocial networking websites let you achieve a certain kind of bond with your potential clients, but it’s quite repugnant if the updates you post are the same for EACH social networking site. The fact is that prospects would not like reading posts that apparently appear to be programmed. So whenever you update your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any alike social networking site, remember to customize your messages, and make it sound like you’re directly speaking to your followers. Also make sure that the message you post on one social media website doesn’t relay the exact similar message as what you posted on another.4. Directories and ListingsThis is probably among the primary social media marketing advanced tactics considering that it is normally the technique that can earn you a lot of customers. It is important that you post your company on online directories so that prospects can discover it without much trouble. Furthermore, if you have an outlet or place they can go to, don’t forget to add it to online maps such as Google’s and Yahoo’s.5. Promos and ContestsSocial media marketing doesn’t stop at making your online community develop. A strong connection with your clients is an important step in making your community grow. A great technique to reinforce the connection between your business and clients is to hold contests. Doing so will make you get AND keep your prospects’ interest by connecting them through enjoyable activities. Discounts and promos solely given to them is also an effective technique to make them believe that being a member of your community is worth it. This social media marketing advanced tactic is certain to turn prospects into actual buyers.Social media marketing is more than building a presence for your business. It involves making your online community grow and be productive. The said social media marketing advanced tactics will surely help you make your marketing more successful and your sales develop.For more information regarding advanced social media marketing tactics, please refer to my author bio below.

Social Media Is Not Going to Save You

If you are having difficulty forming relationships in your market that result in new business or increased revenues–with prospects, new clients, and referral partners–social media is not going to save you. Here are two quotes from one of my trusted social media pundits, Alexander Bloom, which affirms everything I believe about this bold, new world:Social media is not new, it is a new medium.”Engage. Form Relationships. Share content. Social is the new currency. Social Media is the answer. There has been a fundamental shift in how we communicate.I’m sick of hearing it. This is not new information. How we communicate now is how great communicators have always worked their trade. Word of Mouth has always been powerful. Social Media may be a new term but the theories and fundamentals are not.My argument is that excluding the new term, social media is nothing new.” ~ Alexander BloomSocial media is about business conversions not attraction.”Ask them what they do. The answer: I engage people, I create relationships, I add a layer of transparency. They may as well talk about ponies, rainbows and unicorns. Now, my friends, is when we run screaming. I can put glass dividers in an office and add transparency. Engaging people is useless without anchoring it to a brand and a business goal.” ~ Alexander BloomHere is what you need to take away from the above quotes:Know what your specific and measurable business goals are. If one of them is not a specific revenue figure, rethink your goals. One of the advantages of these new media tools is the opportunity to track and measure activity, responses, results, and impact. Leverage these advantages by incorporating a specific and measurable financial objective to your social media strategy. If you don’t, how will you know it is working?
Identify what is keeping you from meeting those financial goals right now. One of the bigger fallacies or mistaken assumptions about new media marketing is that it will help a business overcome their prospecting or client acquisition challenges. Nothing is further from the truth. New media tools offer the potential to bring people to your door; however, if your process, your product offering, or their experience is not that good, they still won’t buy from you. Fix what is really broken first before you invest in a social media solution.
If it is more customers, more prospects, more qualified leads (hint: good answer), ask yourself what are some of the tools and tactics you have not deployed or need to change to help you. Simply putting a new coat of paint on the old barn does not make it a new barn. It simply provides a fresh look to an ongoing problem. Many businesses look to social media tools as a simpler, more effective way to avoid doing some of the heavy lifting. News flash–some of the hard work will always need to be done.
Define what you need to do to be more effective in all aspects of your business development activities. Are you closing real opportunities? Are you getting in front of the right people? Are you effectively focusing on a very specific target? Are you building business relationships or selling relationships? Have you made serious and real business connections? If the answer is no, ask yourself why. Address and fix these issues within your organization first.
If you are struggling to answer these questions, wake up! Interactive media programs will only potentially introduce you to more people. If you cannot connect, communicate, qualify, and close the ones you have met with so far, what makes you think more is better?
Ask your social media guru how their services are specifically going to result in more customers and increased revenues. If they can guarantee more revenues, consider hiring them, after they articulate their relationship building and conversion process. Simply being on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and having a blog is NOT a strategy or the answer. Your activities need to be part of a strategic process that builds relationships, translates into trusted connections resulting in increases and improvements in customers and revenues.Do you know how to engage, follow-up, build trust, establish credibility, and leverage your existing connections to grow your business? If you don’t, interactive digital media programs is not the answer. You have several other fundamental components to focus on first.